About this site

I’ve launched this site because, as a disabled vehicle user, I’ve found many route descriptions provided by route providers totally inadequate for me. Even many so called ‘accessible’ routes, just aren’t. So called ‘family friendly’ routes are often the most likely to be doable. Even then, there are sometimes kissing gates, chicanes and other forms of barrier that can make a route impassable, particularly if you are travelling alone.

Thankfully, there’s an increasing number of disability/mobility vehicles to choose from. So many of us can now find something to meet our needs and give us some of the freedom we yearn for. So I hope this site will eventually develop into a resource where we can find routes that we can be confident about completing and enjoying.

I’m not a website developer. Constructing this site as it is has been a steep learning curve. I know it isn’t perfect and there is a lot more that can be done, but please don’t be impatient. What I hope is that I can eventually tap in to some expert help to expand the site further. Still, the fundamentals of the site are in place.

The idea of the site is straight forward. I/you can enter details of routes (no matter how short or long) we have achieved on our kind of vehicle. Others can look at these routes and add their own routes, or comment on routes that have already been entered. These comments should be for adding further information relating to the route. For example, “Not advised on wet days”, “The route has recently been altered …”, “The kissing gate has now been removed”, etc. This is NOT a general discussion area. I will add one of these soon on a new page.

I may not have covered all kinds of vehicle, so if you are disabled and use something different to those listed when adding a route, contact me and I will add it to the list.

As well as being a resource of routes, I hope the site will encourage others to get out and about. I ride a recumbent tricycle and occasionally hire a Tramper. With my disability it wasn’t possible for me to safely attempt a bicycle!! A standard tricycle just didn’t work for me, but it suddenly occurred to me that as I could pedal away on the laid back exercise bike I was using at the gym, why not on the road?

Once the site has some momentum, I’ll add a forum so that such issues can be discussed.

Thanks for reading this. I’ll do my best to answer anything that comes though my Contact page.

Ray Castell