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The Granite Way

Location?: Devon
Type of disability vehicle?: Recumbent with electrical assistance
Type of Route?: Linear route
If section, from where to where?: Lydford to Okehampton and back
Route website address:
Route provider name: Devon County Council
Length of Route in miles?: 18 miles (return trip)
Route surface?: Gravel/hard ground
Route difficulty?: Medium
Brief Route description?:

The normal direction for this route is Okehampton to Lydford. Difficulty finding accomodation meant that we (my wife and I) did the route starting in Lydford instead.
This is a terrific route. Better than most route descriptions give it credit for, as they can be a bit out of date. The surface for the majority of the route was certainly excellent. I think virtually any disability vehicle would be fine for long or short sections. There is just one section of permissive path (about 300yds) which is more difficult. I could get through it on my recumbent, but some vehicles would struggle. This section is between Southerly Halt Picnic Site and Former Bridestowe Railway Station. Fortunately there is an alternative bypass route, which would take you in a loop through Bridestowe.
The views are terrific and the viaducts spectacular.
Mainly towards Okehampton there are a number of gates, so if you are unable to manage these yourself you could rely on other route users, or take somebody with you.

User ID?: rayadmin
Name of person submitting route?: Ray – Oxfordshire